Performance appraisals services and problems (trouble shooting) diesel engines and related attachments such as engine starting equipment, fuel pump, electrical work, performance improvement, cooling system, periodic maintenance schedule and overhaul.
Repairing, troubleshooting, diagnose and maintenance of power generator and diesel engines. Our specialize team have wide experience in related components such as AVR, diodes, alternator and customer “control system” to ensure efficient daily operation.
Service and repair engine control equipment such as Governor, Fuel Pump, Starter Motor, Alternator, Wiring, Conversion of Air Filter, Oil and Regular Service. Our experience services in various type of heavy industry sectors wil assist customer business operation smoothly.
Supply of spare parts including gasoline and diesel engine, and for engine filtration and others.
Generator supply, installation and rental at multiple capacity based on client demand and requirement.
To provide an alternative solution in fuel saving additives `Palm Oil’ based up to 30% fuel savings.