Each project or work will be negotiated with the client began with site visit to identify the initial problem or complaint In addition, backup and repair cost estimates to be submitted for assessment and approval of the customer. Once approved, the repair work will start to begin. However, sometimes the work will continue for activation if a customer in a critical situation, especially in an emergency.
During project implementation, the customer is always ensured adequate and timely information to be updated. Therefore, the visit by the customer to the working site to witness the problems and the progress of work is always welcome.
Maintenance/repair work will start to begin after obtaining approval from the customer. All related work done in the workshop/site except for certain components that require specialist services will be delivered to an authorized dealer for further calibration. All work is regulated by Hafza Enli team.
Customers will be invited optionally to inspect and perform “pre-delivery inspection” of the work done to ensure full satisfaction feedback. This traceability will ensure that customers are delivered our best service and their operation continues without interruption.